A Slice of Life

Bike rides and finished quilts. I completed this #sliceoflife patchwork last week but have been ‘sans VPN’ so couldn’t post. I really call this the moving quilt because we relocate across continents in just four weeks and I should be packing instead of sewing. But, I’ve already used the quilt twice this week for a picnic and a lazy Sunday afternoon of reading. So I can very well say this quilt was necessary!
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Super excited about my new little chalkboard that I made and can use for seasonal and holiday decorating! 

I used the top of a wine box and Martha Stewart chalkboard paint. 

I sanded both sides of the box lid and the edges and painted both sides with two coats each.  I can now use the two sides to embellish with verses, quotes and chalkboard art. 

My boys also have a black chalkboard,  so I decorated theirs for Halloween! 

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Falling for fall 🍁🍂🍃🌰🍎

I participated in another swap,  the falling for fall swap! Swaps are great because you get to make new sewing and quilting friends,  exchange ideas and learn to techniques!

I taught myself these two projects,  inspired by quilters on Instagram.  These patterns are from two different books,  but by the time I would have received an order of them,  the swap would have already been finished!  So I had to wing it!

The pumpkin Maple leaf was hugely inspired by @cloverandviolet and @sewdeerlyloved Kerri Horsley’s book, Lovely Little Patchwork: 18 Projects to Sew Through the Seasons.

The pin cushion was inspired by the ones a swap buddy @michelleskreations made and is the Deluxe Pin Cushion from @fabricmutt Heidi Staples’s book Sew Organized for the Busy Girl: • Tips to Make the Most of Your Time & Space

And I added a few extras!

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