Fabric Market/Tailor Street Wuchang, Yanzhi Lu 胭脂路

I’m dedicating this post to a dear friend, a former sewing student of mine and the créatrice behind la Passion de la Création who sadly left Wuhan definitively today. I know she is off to bigger and better things, but I will miss her and our creative outings and afternoons together!

I’ve lived in Wuhan now for two years and I have quite a lot of favourite places I like to return to – QingChuan Pavillion, Crazy Market, TanHuaLin, to name a few but my happiest place, the one that brings me greatest joy would have to be Fabric Market/Tailor Street Wuchang, Yanzhi Lu 胭脂路. I NEVER tire of going there and I love to bring new and old friends. I’ve already been twice this week!




Known as the rue du lin by the francophones of Wuhan, Tailor street is famous for it’s, well, tailors!; A sewer’s thoroughfare lined on both sides by seamstresses, tailors and fabric vendors. Here, in Wuhan, like in most cities in China and even in other parts of the world (same thing when we lived Brazil…) you can bring in a picture and they will make you whatever you want, in your size, taking into account all your little personal requests, for about as much as peanuts. We have two places we pop into regularly; here is the man we have nicknamed “Versace”!

The Fabric Market is not unlike Ali Baba’s cave of wonders to me. You can find fabulous sewing notions – lace, ribbons, zippers, buttons, elastic and other various sewing paraphernalia as well as rolls and rolls of fabric – silks, cotton, wools, flannels, rayon, and linen. I never leave empty handed!












Tell the taxi driver to take you to Yanzhi Lu 胭脂路. Look for a giant Rubiks cube placed at the beginning of the street. The Fabric Market is located at the Days 7 Inn. Here the material is more typically used for making clothes – suits, skirts, shirts and other little sewn accessories. 1m of cotton fabric costs around 20rmb – 25rmb; always negotiate 🙂

For upholstery fabric, best suited for curtains, cushions and wide fabric for sheets and duvet covers, head over to the shops located on the banks of the Han River; Crazy Market Han Zheng Jie 汉正街(corner of Yanhe dadao 沿河大道 & Minzu Lu 民族路 in Hankou).

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